Zilker Neighbors (ZN) is a blog that focuses on what is happening in and around the Zilker neighborhood. ZN was originally online a few years back as an attempt to get the Zilker Neighborhood Association (ZNA) a better online presence. That went away, but it has always been my belief that an up-to-date web site can be useful resource for the residents of Zilker. Because ZNA does not provide such a site, I am going to try to make ZN that place to find out what is going on around the neighborhood. ZN is intended to be kind of an online newspaper. I want it to let people know about what is so great about the neighborhood - whether they live here or not.

It is hoped that many people will be contributing to the site over time. Initially, you will not be able to comment on postings, but in time the site will accept comments on what is posted. The content should be more focused on the neighborhood and things that directly affect it, but it will include city-wide issues that directly impact the Zilker neighborhood.

Zilker Neighbors intends to promote community events that will serve to improve and keep the neighborhood a clean and beautiful place to live. I hope that ZN can promote community spirit through things like picking up litter along Barton Springs Road, trimming overhanging brush along our sidewalks, and other simple group projects like this.

You will notice that the site has its own email list. This is an announce only list that will be used to let people know about additions to the site, and occasionally it will be used to bring certain situations or events to the attention of subscribers. It is not intended to compete with the Zilker Yahoo Groups list. I hope that it will offer an additional source of information for residents.

Thanks for visiting the site. Please come back, but also please let me know about things to post and give me your feedback. If you want to contribute to the site, please contact me using the email address at the bottom of the site pages.